Sometimes I do

27 Apr

Sometimes I do, I wonder what you would think…

If I told you that at bedtime I don’t always bow my head in prayer?

That am too tired to pray akin to those guys at Gethsemane,

And that the same thing happens in the morning.

If I told you instead nowadays I pray with my eyes wide open,

and that today’s lauds included astonishment at a sensible sense of humour

and a quiet chill as i celebrate another birth-month?


What would you think if I confessed the pre-sets in my car are tuned

to easy listening stations, the kind that play Wyclef, Talib, Missy, Train, and A Tribe called


If I confessed to an allergic reaction to so-called locally produced church music,

not because I don’t love Jesus, but maybe because I believe he loves me?

And what if I shot straight and admitted if I hear one more person pine about ‘going deeper’ I may

just fall down at their feet as dead, and let them take me there?

If I shot straight that I am quite pleased with surfaces –

The hearty laughter from light inebriation, the bark of the Meru Oak,

the feel of campside fire logs,

the freckles on a dog’s nose, the warmth of coffee going down,

and the scent of light drizzle on soil?

Would you write me off if I admitted I’m not sure what happens after death?

If I admitted I’ve read and studied all the pertinent passages,

but I just don’t know, and sometimes the rehearsed rhetoric

when its time to say goodbye galls me?

Would you ever read my words again if you knew

I hold the love between a man and a woman to be

the holiest damn thing on this side of the shore?

And what if you knew I hold the love between friends

runs a close second, followed no doubt by

the love between a child and a dog?


Sometimes I do, I wonder what you would think…


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